The purpose of marriage is to spiritually, emotionally and physically unite a man and a women together, as husband and wife, in a covenantal relationship between themselves and their Creator.

Marriage is one of the most important commitments that someone can make during their lifetime. If you are considering making a marriage commitment, it is important to reflect on the type of commitment that you will be making with the person you plan to marry.

Marriage Commitments

Marriage Covenant
A Moral Commitment 

A marriage covenant is a commitment made in the presence of God, and is valid until death. It is a commitment that is irrevocable and does not depend on the performance of either spouse.

Marriage is a covenantal relationship between husband, wife and the Creator.

It is a commitment that is irrevocable and does not depend on the performance of either spouse.

If the relationship between husband and wife becomes weak...

then the spouses' relationships with God can stabilize the marriage until the husband and wife are reconciled.

Covenantal marriage spiritually, emotionally and physically unites a man and women together as husband and wife.

When the spouses' spiritual, emotional and physical relationships with each other are all strong, and each spouse's relationship with God is strong, the marriage is strong and balanced.


Marriage Contract
A Legal Commitment

A marriage contract is a commitment made in the presence of a legal authority, and is valid until the contract is broken. It is a commitment that is kept until one spouse, or both, fails to perform according to the contract.

A marriage contract is a bi-lateral legal agreement between two people. It is a performance-based agreement. It is binding only as long as each spouse performs according to the contract. If one spouse fails to adequately uphold the contract, the other spouse can choose to no longer be bound by the contract.



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